When social media isn’t at its finest.

I have been rattling my head for the past week on what to write about for this week’s blog post. I asked my friends, I asked my sister, I looked online and even went to the extent of searching for various ideas in Google but I was evidently having a strong episode of “WRITER’S BLOCK”.

Originally I was tempted to write about Black Lives Matter, a hashtag that in light of recent events has been posted all of over the internet. However, I chose against this because I didn’t want to write about something so controversial at this stage. This got me thinking on a few reasons that I actually don’t always love social media.

  1. Isn’t crazy how on despite posting of YOUR OWN SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT , where you should be able to post YOUR OWN OPINION, if you say one thing (I literally mean like a word…) you can get an influx of individuals attacking you and ripping what you said into a million shreds. People preach about freedom of speech and using your voice to make a difference or change the world and with so many resources and information falling at your feet, it would seem that this should be simple. However, no. The moment you express YOUR controversial OPINION that might be slightly different to others, you’re basically screwed. I don’t mean to generalise obviously this isn’t always the case and I am big fan of the opportunity social media gives people. I’m just trying to say people need to let others express an opinion that is different to their own and initiate perhaps a discussion rather than a mere “no that’s wrong (insert swearing and insults here)”. Instead of attacking them and ranting on for how “uneducated” and “ignorant” they are, why not use your 140 characters if on Twitter to educate them instead?
  2. I really dislike how there is a constant need to prove everything. Everything needs a video, a photo (that definitely hasn’t been photoshopped) or a screenshot to the extent that Alton Sterling’s death was filmed for the internet to witness. EVERYTHING NEEDS PROOF. Isn’t it sad to think that word of mouth literally can’t be trusted anymore? Lies, hate and deceit is a vivid yet hidden part of society where political propaganda STILL exists. Doubt is literally accumulated within society but what about giving others the benefit of the doubt or innocent until proven guilty?
  3. Social media is a wide platform to be able to discuss different topics and share your experiences. It is a place to open about who you are to others on a more personal level so people can get to know you better. People preach about breaking down the mental health stigma but then they tear down others for the same reason? I don’t understand it at ALL. I have said this before and I will say it again. YOU CANNOT TELL SOMEONE WITH A MENTAL ILLNESS TO JUST “GET OVER IT” OR TO “SNAP OUT OF IT”.  

Mental illness needs to be recognised to be the same as a physical illness. JUST BECAUSE YOU CANNOT SEE IT EXTERNALLY, DOES NOT MEAN IT DOES NOT EXIST. You wouldn’t tell someone with cancer to “snap out of it” or “get over it” would you? It makes me so angry when people think this is okay. Celebrities face so much harassment for this as well. If someone is about to have an anxiety attack, don’t force them to go on stage and still perform. If someone chooses  to post a photo on Instagram as means for alerting others to their illness then let them be. THIS IS NOT ATTENTION SEEKING. Stop beating each other up for things that other people cannot control. Be supportive and understanding. It is so important.

I am not trying to bash social media or anyone in particular. It just annoys me how some people manipulate the use of it. We are so lucky to have the internet as a resource to educate ourselves and educate others on ANYTHING IN THE WORLD. There are so many things we can now do online, that even 10 years ago would have seemed impossible. We should be grateful and use it positively to spread love and awareness but unfortunately there are some people out there who use it for spreading lies and hate. You have so much power to make a difference, you have a voice so please. use. it. Every step matters! Whether one person listens or a million, whether it be targeting a small community or a whole country, it. is. still. a. difference and results will be seen.





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