My pet peeves.

I thought I would make this blog post a slightly different one talking about my pet peeves! To keep this authentic, I have been writing down pet peeves in my notes app in my phone over the past few weeks so all of these are truly a few things that just annoy me.

  1. People who chew loudly – Okay so you know when you’ve got your family around and your parents have cooked  a nice meal, everyone is enjoying the vibe, laughing, talking, having a good time AND then there is that one person who, if they stopped chewing, everyone would be able to hear like their food being broken down through their saliva?? GROSS.
  2. People who slurp their drinks – just drink your drink. I hate the noise, like I literally cannot stand it. It sends these gross sensations through my body and I cannot deal with it, like just noooo.
  3. People who don’t have basic manners like saying “please” and “thank you” . It takes like 2 seconds, it’s not hard. When someone does something for you, you show you appreciate that. When you order a drink in Starbucks, for example, you say “Can I PLEASE have a latte?” not just “Can I have a latte?” and then when they give you your coffee, you don’t just walk away, you acknowledge it and say “Thank you.” Be respectful, these are the little things that can make the biggest difference. It’s just about being polite.
  4. Angry people – I don’t understand people who are angry, like there is no need to be angry. This world is a beautiful place, go outside, take a walk. Being angry isn’t going to solve anything or help you. All it is going to do is bring negative vibes and stress you out. You don’t need that toxicity or to waste your energy. Just stay calm and things will figure themselves out.
  5. People who eat smelly food on public transport – I don’t have an issue with people eating on the tube or the bus until they’re eating something that doesn’t have a pleasant smell e.g. eggs, tuna and bananas. No one wants to smell that, trust me. If you have a 15 minute journey, you can wait until your home. People just want to be in peace, listen to their music, be on their phones etc. so let them be, let them travel in peace.
  6. People who walk right in the middle of the pavement at snail speed so you can’t get past them so you have to awkwardly like walk around them adding time to your journey when you’re already late to where you’re supposed to be. People have things to do and places to be, like just walk on the side?? I don’t get it. To make it worse, these people are holding hands with their partner or their child and they won’t let go for like a split second just so you can walk past. They will remain clinging on, like what is the need? Let go for a second and let people walk past you.
  7. People on a first date who spend the entire time being on their phones – Me and my friend went to Nandos a few years ago and it was clear that the two people having a meal on the table next to us were on their first date. They both spent the ENTIRE TIME  on their phones?? I am not kidding. I don’t think a single word was said and I just couldn’t understand it at all, like at least try to make an effort.
  8. When there are again two people out for a meal and instead of sitting opposite each other, they sit next to each other.  It is so much easier to talk to and interact with an individual when they are opposite you otherwise you have to like sit awkwardly, turn your whole body and the neck migraine after is like a whole other issue.
  9. This one is probably one of my biggest pet peeves and something I really can’t stand. That is people who push in front of others in a queue instead of waiting their turn. I don’t care what the queue is for, like be patient and be polite. I think it is so rude! Go to the back of the line.
  10. People who lie – If you lie one time, you have to make up so many other lies to cover your story! Isn’t it so much easier to just tell the truth? Also, I strongly believe in karma, so if you lie then it will catch up onto you and nobody wants that. If you lie to someone because you did something bad, you’re just giving them another reason to be mad at you. It’s just not worth it.

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