Reflecting on 2016.

2016 wasn’t great needless to say with many legends lost, the war in Syria, Brexit, Trump being elected and more, it was saddening and especially a politically challenging year. My social media has been full of posts with people speaking out on how they couldn’t wait for 2016 to be over because ‘it has been the worst year of their life’ for several reasons. For a while I said that to myself as well. Whilst it is crucial to be informed, educated and spread awareness for the hardships the world is facing, it is important to remember that there is also good taking place.

I stumbled across this post which is about many of the good things that happened last year and after reading it, it made me question as to why some people including myself had been focusing so much on the negatives. As humans we have a natural tendency to remember negative events in more detail. Negative emotions involve more of a thought process than positive events so we ruminate more about unpleasant events and allow all the negativity to very easily shadow the positivity.

This got me thinking about what good had come out of last year, personally for me, and I came to the realisation that I achieved a decent amount last year including:

I passed my driving theory test.
I got a part-time job.
I joined the gym and have stuck it out.
I started this blog.
I was desperate for a new year, a fresh start, a clean slate to be able to tell myself that this year, things will be different and a whole lot better. However, this is a concept I also struggle with. Why have I waited until the New Year to believe this and take action towards making changes? The clock is ticking and if I want to make changes, I should make them in the moment. Change can be scary, it can stop a lot of people from just going for it and being fearless but I don’t want to be get too comfortable within my comfort zone. After a lot of reflection, I’ve set achievable goals for the year, hoping to make this year bigger and better than the past. I also want to work really hard for my final months of university, explore places I’ve never been to, treasure those close to my heart, worry less and live in the moment more.

To you reading this right now, I hope you 2017 gives you all the love and happiness that you didn’t receive in 2016. Together, we can make this a great year. Make sure you do what makes you happy. All my love, always 🙂


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